Level 8 of KeyRunner


Help Moschata escape certain doom. The clock is ticking and she must reach the door with the key before it's too late.

KeyRunner is a free game, available in source code with the GPLv2 License. I wrote this game as the first in a series of smallish games. Read about the design of KeyRunner at Second Table.

KeyRunner is available in source and binaries have been provided for 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows.

Gameplay / Features

  • Moschata, the Key Runner.
  • Doors require keys.
  • Colored teleporter tiles.
  • Wrap around edges.
  • Conveyor Belts.
  • Push-Hold and Rapid-Fire movement.
  • Easy to edit and add levels.



01/05/2013 - KeyRunner r3 Released
12/02/2012 - KeyRunner r2 Released
10/21/2012 - Key Runner r1 Released
10/03/2012 - Key Runner Designed

KeyRunner is © 2013 Russ Adams. Source, media, website are licensed under GPLv2.